5 Super-Fun Backyard Ideas for Kids (That You’ll Love, Too)

Get out and enjoy the weather!


Yay for spring and summer, where we can all run free in our own backyards with bare toes wiggling. (And BOO for nasty bee stings, splinters, and mommies yelling, “No! Don’t touch that!”)

Long have I had the fantasy of a perfect child-friendly backyard playscape… but the problem with such epic daydreams is that children have a way of growing up before they can actually come true. So today, I would like to share with you five fun and fabulous inspirations for making your backyard toddler-tastic TODAY (or, at least, this weekend!):

Throw a backyard festival. Adding a tunnel, some balls, and bubbles to any old patch of grass is better than a carnival for little ones. This portable toddler party also works at the park.

Just add water. To anything. No budget for a water table? No problem. A bowl and a hose with some bath toys are good enough. If you bust out the kiddie pool or a sprinkler, you’re already over-achieving.

Create a cozy little hideaway. Build a quick fort with a sheet and a table that you already have. Magical and shady, with minimal fuss. Use binder clips to hold it steady. Connect it up with a tent and your child will never let you pack it up. Win/win?

backyard teepee for toddler-friendly yardsChalk it up. Mix up your driveway chalk play with fizzy chalk or 3D chalk or simply enjoy making celestial scenes with moons and stars then sprinkling it all away with a watering can.

Start a kid-sized garden. A garden with little edibles like cherry tomatoes or strawberries may (or may not) encourage picky eaters to try something new. Green beans can also form a fun tee-pee!

Encourage your mini gardner with toddler-safe plants

Need more inspiration? I have a Pinterest board stuffed to the edges with my dreams for a backyard playscape if you want 132 more ideas. Come and daydream with me?

Images via…
Teepee photo by ziggityzoom via the etsy blog
Water play found on LetTheChildrenPlay.net
Tomatoes from independent.co.uk