One-of-a-Kind Wallpaper Prints for the Nursery

Stop worrying about painting with these fun wallpaper prints.


If you’ve been putting off painting the nursery for a while now, you’re definitely not alone. But here’s some good news for you: we may be able to get you of the hook entirely. The wallpaper trend – which has been making a sweet comeback in recent years – is finally starting to hit the nursery scene again in a big way… and so far, we’re really liking what we see.

Our latest loves are from the SISSY+MARLEY for Jill Malek collection, which features hand-screened prints of dancing zebras, bold stripes, pretty rain drops, and more. In fact, we love them so much, we’ve added nine new wallpaper prints to our decor assortment, in lots of pretty, versatile colors that will take your little one’s room way beyond the nursery years.

Feast your eyes on some of our favorites…


Sissy + Marley for Jill Malek Wallpaper - Stripe


Sissy + Marley for Jill Malek Wallpaper - Drops



My House

Sissy + Marley for Jill Malek Wallpaper - My House




Love these prints, too? We’ve got plenty more where that came from. Shop the full SISSY+MARLEY for Jill Malek collection.