Stimulate Your Baby’s Senses with Water Play

Splish, splash!


Creative water play helps your baby develop new skills and explore the world. It’s a chance to hear the splashing, feel the wetness and see the waves of the water. Using water to play stimulates your baby’s cognitive and sensory skills. Each stage respond to differently to play. Here’s suggestions to help your baby acclimate to water fun!

Easy: Pass a bowl of water to your baby and you’ve just created a water play scenario complete with wet clothes, giggling, and lots of surprises. Put on goggles for added hilarity. I’m not kidding.

Medium: A sitting baby can have a ton of fun in the bathtub any day of the year. Make tubby time into playtime with squirty toys or tubes. These water pipes from Boon can do extra duty Like other forms of water play, they build your baby’s brain by exploring cause and effect.

From 8 weeks on, our readers have loved their experiences with Otteroo infant floatation device. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, this specially designed tube keeps a baby’s head above water while her body moves freely. It can be used in the tub or at the pool.

Want less commitment? Pour an inch or two of water into the highchair tray for a splashy miniature water table in your kitchen. If your floors are forgiving, she can splash while you make dinner.

Backyards are perfect for a slowly flowing hose or a sprinkler to entertain. Sadly, our dumb drought makes this option a no no for Californians this summer. And all the fun water features at our local parks are off.

Challenging: Bringing a baby to the swimming pool is memorable, often worth it, and seldom easy. We have tips and tricks for taking a baby swimming (Bring the stroller! Remember your towels!). Don’t forget to pick up the the supersuits and swim gear while you’re here at giggle.

For older toddlers and bigger kids, we love these backyard features with water play, too!

Image via Jessica at Single Mom-Nation