7 Tips For Creating a Healthy Nursery

Set up an environment that’s safe for your baby.


When you’re decorating the nursery, of course you want everything to be perfect. And that means creating a space that’s healthy, too. Here are seven easy ways to do just that.

1. Stick to non-toxic cleaners. Babies can be very sensitive to the chemicals found in commercial cleaners, but there are many non-toxic cleaners to choose from that are both safe and effective.

2. Let in some fresh air. Make sure your baby’s room is well ventilated, and open the windows to let in fresh air when the weather allows. Use an air purifier to help minimize dust and other irritants.

3. Choose healthy crib bedding. Blankets and sheets can contain formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. Look for organic bedding and Oeko-Tex or IVN-certified fabrics that are both comfortable and healthy.

4. Keep personal care items pure. Less is more, and sometimes a little warm water and a washcloth will do the trick. When you do use products, look for mild soaps, fragrance-free shampoos and hypoallergenic solutions.

5. Pick the right paint. Look for paint with low or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and be sure to have the room painted several weeks before your due date so fumes have a chance to dissipate.

6. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Wash sheets and blankets weekly, and dust mite-proof your crib mattress with dust mite barrier bedding or an anti-allergen mattress.

7. Stock up on simple toys. Stock your nursery with toys made of naturally finished wood and washable fabrics, and avoid plastics that contain bisphenol-A, phthalates, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride).