5 Photos Every Mom Should Take During Baby’s First Year

Capture the important milestones for mom and baby!

Baby’s first smile. Baby’s first crawl. Baby’s first birthday – complete with smash cakes. There are so many “first” moments we want to capture with our cameras, and since we all now carry them in our purses – or diaper bags – it’s never been easier.

Though you may be with your baby ’round the clock, the odds are that you (yes you, Mom) are always behind the camera, pointing it at your little sidekick; and never in front of it. But years from now, when you flip through that baby book, where will you be?

My one piece of advice: Do yourself a favor now, and turn the camera on yourself every now and again – so you can look back on early motherhood and know that you were actually there, too.

Here’s a list of photo ideas that celebrate Mama’s milestones as well as baby’s. (And don’t require a professional photography session.)

1. Mom actually leaves the house. Yep, all by yourself. Walk out that door and let the remaining parties take care of each other. Document your first solo outing with a picture.

2. Mom feeds the baby. So that one day you can break out this picture and yell at your teenager, “I fed you around the clock, so get back here and… (fill in the blank).”  Whether your baby drinks from breast or bottle, ask someone to take a photo of you cradling your babe in the feeding position.

3. Mom endures the witching hour. It happens every night, so you may as well smile about it. Grab a middle-of-the-night shot of yourself, holding your fussy infant (no matter how crazy your hair looks).

4. Mom hanging with her BFFs. Before your child is old enough to have opinions about who he or she hangs out with, you get to choose. Enjoy your friends and make sure to capture your togetherness with a few photos.

5. Mom-and-baby selfies. Put sunglasses on the both of you. Wear matching baseball caps. Use your kid as your most entertaining photo prop. After all, your photos are so much more fun for your friends when they actually see YOUR face, too.