5 Ways to Have Fun with Your Baby on a Rainy Day

Indoor fun for wee ones!

It just so happens that my baby and I didn’t have a lot of common interests for the first several months, unless you count snuggling.

Yes, staring at each other passes the time and reading books happens every day, but those aren’t very novel. Searching for a few indoor activities that are just as fun for me and a wee one, I wanted to dig a little deeper and think of the activities that brought big smiles, if not fits of giggles, to both our faces.

Activity Crawling obstacle course
What’s so fun about it Cheer her on as she competes in living room Olympics with the bonus of turning your clutter into sport. (How-To: make a baby obstacle course | For toddlers, make it a DIY ball pit like this one.

Activity Dance party
What’s so fun about it Baby can spin and move with you or be your rapt audience. Sing and rock out to your favorite tunes. (How-To: dance your tot into naptime)

Activity Good old fashioned nursery rhymes
What’s so fun about it You are such a mom all of a sudden. But in a good way. The first time you Itsy Bitsy Spider, you may feel silly, but it gets easier. Another favorite: Row Row Row Your Boat!

Activity Narrating your day
What’s so fun about it Anytime, anywhere you have a sidekick who wants to know all your inner thoughts, take advantage and let her know what’s happening! Frequent talking can help her brain develop.

Activity Telling (baby) jokes
What’s so fun about it Watching your baby laugh her little butt off is the best feeling. Peek-a-boo and fake sneezing will get you pretty far.

As the weather gets colder, I have a ton for reasons to invite your friends over instead of bundling up or terrific places to go to pass the time, but sometimes its nice to have a few together-games up your sleeve.

What indoor games do you really like to play with your baby?