Our New Baby Card Collection

From invites to birthday cards, these are cute as can be!


Many of us love to send out customized invites and notecards for special events. This usually involves going to the store, leafing through a catalogue, and picking up your favorite invites. Ordinarily easy, but running this errand when you’re having a baby is pretty difficult – and even more difficult if you have another child in tow.

Choosing a customized notecard with a great designs should be easier – and now it is! We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Fine Stationery. As part of this exclusive partnership, you’ll be able to order your favorite giggle designs directly from their website and customized just for you.

Pick the card you want, personalize it, and Fine Stationery will send it right to your door! Cards range from simple note cards for you to personalize
Baby Note Cards

…to announcing the birth of your littlest one.
Birth Announcements