3 Tips for Creating a Nursery That Grows With Your Baby

A how-to on creating a lovely (and practical!) baby bedroom.


Having been through the baby phase three times now, I have a vastly different perspective on creating a lovely (and practical!) baby bedroom these days. Now, I don’t want to rob you of any of the magic of choosing the ideal nursery; but I would like to steer you toward making three key choices so that your nursery can grow with your baby.

My first (rookie) nursery was exactly what I wanted at the time… and I was ready to trade it all in within two years. My mom and husband painted John Lennon sketches into a wall mural and I purchased matching everything. In hindsight, I carried my theme way too far. Rather than go overboard, I could have kept the mural and selected solid color bedding and accents. Better still – sorry, guys! – we could have replaced the mural with a few beloved wall prints.

Focus on one thing as your inspiration. Do you want to build your color scheme around a funky mobile or a cherished family quilt? Did you find the coolest wallpaper that you must have on one wall? Definitely, go for it! Then bring the other bedding, rug, wall decor into the service of your nursery’s dominant idea.


Remember: removable “duckies” are your friend. The metaphorical duckies and bunnies of infancy might seem rather immature to your truck-loving toddler. But rather than forego your favorite baby animals altogether, find ones that can be moved, removed, and toned down as your needs change. There’s no need to go full Picasso on a wall mural, but you can pick out fun canvases, decals, or other objet d’arte that can be moved with less heartbreak.

Take this ultra-cool Night Lights wall decal, for example – they’re totally fun at any age.

Wall Decals

Invest in furniture and decor that can do more than one thing well. Does your crib convert into a toddler bed with the simple addition of a conversion kit? Can your changing table turn back into a desk, dresser, or bookshelf once the diaper days are behind you? Is your glider gorgeous enough for another prime spot in the house?

I adore this Oeuf Mini Library for a child’s play room, nursery, or right in my own living room:


Don’t forget that sprinkling in some smart decor picks can also go a long way in your ongoing quest to evolve your little one’s space.

And when it comes to getting organized? Stylish storage bins and baskets are your new best friends for taming the clutter that your kids are bound to generate. These cute and sturdy bins from Petit Pehr are some of my favorites, and can totally transition from nursery to big-kid room:


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