Introducing our lotions & potions line

Full of non-toxic solutions that are baby-safe.


For years, parents have come to us for healthy products that are innovative. After all, we curate our product selection to include only the best for your baby, while making life easier for you. We even have our own line of giggle Better Basics – ranging from bodysuits to burp cloths that are 100% organic and feel soft on your baby’s skin. This brings us to our next line of giggle products.

We’re excited to launch our own new line of lotions & potions! Everything in this collection is non-toxic and formulated with pure ingredients so they’re both eco-friendly and earth-friendly. There’s no parabens, phthalates, artificial colors or fragrances, and absolutely no animal testing on any of our products.

rub-a-dub for tub time and beyond. What’s better than a cuddly, sweet-smelling baby fresh out of a tub full of our bubble bath? Knowing that our shampoo & body wash is strong enough to wash away the yuck without ever stripping baby’s skin of that delicate softness. Layer on our super-nourishing face & body lotion for an added boost of hydration, along with our signature all-natural rice milk scent, and let the smooching commence.

oohs & aahs for soothing and protective baby care. We babyproof our homes to keep baby safe and protected. Sometimes you’ve got to babyproof the baby, too. From our SPF 45 sunscreen that protects your little one from the harsh rays to our insect repellent that keeps bugs at baby to our diapering cream that soothes diaper rashes to our all-purpose wonder balm that hydrates skin, our ultra-comforting wonder potions really do work wonders.

squeaky clean cleaning products. Babies are tiny and sweet, but somehow make colossal and pungent (and frequent!) messes. Our handy helpers are here to help. Wash baby bottles and other feeding supplies with our baby bottle wash. Our toy & high chair cleaner is there to save the day to clean everything else your baby puts in their mouth. And for a breath of fresh air, our room & linen spray for cleanup duty. They’re all free of harsh chemicals to boot!

bundles of joy. Any new parent will tell you foresight and planning quickly fall by the wayside when you’re caught up in the foggy whirlwind of those sleepless nights. You can cross one more thing off your list (or someone else’s) with our bath time gift set and our body care gift set. Each contains a trio of essentials for your healthy, happy baby – and that’s one good reason to rest easy.