4 Ideas for a Modern Baby Shower

Throw tradition to the wayside!


Women across the country (and world) have diverse styles and tastes. It should come as no surprise that expectant mothers are equally disparate in their wishes for a baby shower, if they wish for one at all. One person’s Lilly Pulitzer-themed country club brunch may be another woman’s personal hell. Here are a few baby shower concepts that are far from traditional but amazing just the same.

The Co-ed Barbecue.
This is the format of shower I requested, due to my belief that celebrating the baby ought to include parents of all genders. I’m still grateful for this lovely party, hosted by my childhood neighbors, because it was there that my husband and I received some truly helpful advice from a new father.

Creative fun.
A keg. A “sperm-toss” game where the beanbags have tails made of yarn. An eco-challenge for the guests to bring gently used gifts. A Mexican food fiesta with a breast-pad-filled pinata.There are no limits to what may bring joy to the mom-to-be and her biggest fans.

The Blessingway.
This celebration is mother-centric and is focused on supporting the pregnant woman’s emotional and spiritual well-being with the presence of the most important women in her life. Guests may articulate good wishes for mom and the baby, paint henna on her belly, adorn her hair with flowers, or soak her feet in a warm bath. She is often given a necklace made of charms contributed by the guests and encouraged to use it as a focal point during labor. This nourishing ritual can be tailored for women of any faith or none at all.

The All-in-One Wedding and Baby Shower.
Carley Cain, new mom and bride, tells us that halfway through her baby shower, she and her husband snuck out of the room and then returned in their wedding garb, surprising their guests with the announcement that they were to be married on the spot. She describes it as “no stress, cheap wedding the way I wanted it.” What a fabulous story!

 Photos: Rookie Moms, HennaByHeather.com, iStockphoto/GoodLife Studio