Project Nursery’s New Baby Monitor System

Innovative features and a mini monitor are just the start of Project Nursery’s new launch.


Keeping an eye on your baby is even easier than ever with the Project Nursery Baby Monitor. Project Nursery is a well-known resource for nursery design inspiration. Now they’ve teamed up with VOXX International, a company that specializes in top electronics, to create a baby monitor system that answers any new parents’ needs. It’s cool looking, and even more, it’s such an innovative twist on current baby monitors.

First off, it includes a 5” high-definition monitor that’s super intuitive. A user-friendly interface allows parents to access the monitor’s various features. Speaking of features, there’s plenty. From monitoring the room temperature to to recording a video or snapshot to singing to your baby, everything’s easy to access with a touch of a button. Set up the camera (or cameras – it can support up to 4) and you’re ready to start.

In addition to this stationary monitor, a mini monitor is included – the world’s first ever. This monitor is so small, it’ll fit into the palm of your hand. But there’s no need to carry it around that way. An included wrist band lets you carry around this mini monitor, so there’s no need to be tethered to your monitor while doing chores around your home. How’s that for innovative!

Parents that are worried about being on a WiFi network will appreciate that not only is this baby monitor wireless, it’s also WiFi-free. This means there’s a secure wireless network with a reliable connection that doesn’t depend on your internet connection.

A separate projector is available to help lull your baby to sleep. The Project Nursery Sight & Sound Projector works with your smartphone’s Bluetooth to project images onto a wall and even includes a nightlight. But the best part is it senses when your baby’s crying and plays one of six pre-recorded sounds, along with your own recorded voice. How’s that for soothing?

The Project Nursery Baby Monitor System, individual cameras, and Sight & Sound Projector are now available for pre-order and will ship in July.