From Nursery To Toddler Room–with Style

Double duty pieces that last for years.

Decorating a nursery is part of the fun of having a baby. The not fun part? When they outgrow all the cute, cool things you bought for that first year. It’s hard when you purchase something knowing your baby’s just going to outgrow it in a few months. For some things – like baby bottles and layette outfits – that’s inevitable. For other items, that doesn’t have to be the case. These days furniture, lighting, and storage can last through toddler years, and sometimes well beyond, with the right choices.

The centerpiece of any nursery is a crib. This piece will last a couple years at most. Look for one that includes a conversion kit. (Most we carry come include the kit with the crib.) Once your baby gets too old for the crib, these kits take your crib to the next stage by converting them to a toddler bed. One super cool version is the Babyletto Bingo 3-in-1 crib. It has a very Scandinavian feel to it that mid century enthusiasts will appreciate. It even has a built in bookshelf with four storage cubbies – the perfect place to put toys and books no matter what age. As a bonus, the kit is included with the crib so there’s no need to purchase separately. How’s that for value?

Babyletto Bingo Crib

The rest of the nursery has potential to last even longer. From the start, a good light will provide a bright sanctuary during those first months. A sophisticated hanging light or table lamp never goes out of style. Stick with a modern, timeless piece and you won’t have to keep replacing it as your child gets tired of old characters. And even if they do, you’ll be more than happy to put it in any other room in your home. A favorite is the Origami lamp. Full of cool angles, we could see this piece in just about any home.

Origami Light

Storage is another item that will last for years. Most people think there’s never enough storage to begin with. Fun bins and practical bookcases can move from a nursery into a playroom. Dressers are another storage piece that can last for years. Another awesome storage piece from Babyletto is the Dottie bookcase. Open shelving lets you display toys, books, and more. You can even add bins to these shelves to hide the mess, while giving it a put-together look.

Dottie Bookcase

Buying pieces that will last for years is key to making the most of your nursery purchases. The last thing any new parent wants is to heavily invest in an item they’ll use for only a few months. By looking for multi-use pieces, you’ll have items you can use for years.