Fill Your Baby Bottle in No Time with BabyNes

Formula at the touch of a button.

Popping a capsule into a coffee maker, hitting a button, and having your coffee made for you is as easy as it gets. Many of us have used one of these machines to make an individual serving of coffee at work. If only it were that easy for baby formula, right?

You’re in luck! Nestle recently introduced BabyNes – a machine that delivers a single serving of age-specific formula right into your baby’s bottle. Okay, we know it’s pretty easy to add formula and water to a bottle. But try doing that at 3am. Or even at 3pm with no sleep. And getting the measurements just right.

BabyNes makes it easy so there’s no need to worry about underfeeding or overfeeding your baby. Six stages of formula are available and range from 1 month old – chockful of protein and calories for when baby’s growth is highest to 25-36 months old – when toddler formula is a supplement to a balanced meal. Each capsule has precisely the right formula measured out no matter which stage your baby’s going through. All you need to do is pour water into the tank, place the capsule inside, set the temperature, and your baby bottle’s ready to be filled with nutritious formula.


But BabyNes goes far beyond that. Technology-loving parents will absolutely love all of its features. It includes WiFi + a dashboard that lets you monitor every step. There’s even a registered dietician on call to answer your questions and help you create a feeding plan. Create an account and you can track your baby’s nutrition and follow their growth curve. Your machine will automatically send all the info right to your dashboard.


They also have an app for you to download so you can have the dashboard with you at all times. BabyNes will sync with your smartphone and provide feeding notifications. It alerts you when formula’s low and lets you order with only 2 clicks. You can even set it so it automatically orders formula for you. How’s that for innovative!

When it comes down to it, each parent needs to make their own decision on nursing and do what’s right for them – whether it’s breastfeeding or bottle feeding. In cases where moms are unable to nurse or choose to use formula, the BabyNes is a great alternative for quick, easy, nutritious formula for every stage of baby bottle feeding.