Q & A with Rockets of Awesome Founder Rachel Blumenthal

We catch up with Rockets of Awesome founder, Rachel Blumenthal!

Rockets of Awesome founder Rachel Blumenthal // blog,giggle.com

Mom and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Rachel Blumenthal is a busy lady. As the founder and CEO of Cricket’s Circle, she created a trusted source that streamlined the baby registry process, helping parents out with recommendations, curated products and easy shopping. Now, she’s taken the inspiration and insight from Cricket Circle and founded Rockets of Awesome, an innovative new way to shop for kids’ clothes.

She shares more about her ventures:

What inspired you to launch Cricket’s Circle? 

When I was pregnant with my son, Griffin, I was completely overwhelmed by all of the lists and spreadsheets I received from mothers telling me what I should buy. I knew there had to be a better way. I was determined to simplify the lives of new and expectant women by doing the work for them and giving them the confidence to make better buying decisions for their baby.

What inspired the change to Rockets of Awesome?

Rockets of Awesome was born to simplify the process of shopping and deliver stylish, high-quality kids’ clothing for an incredible value. Through my own experiences and those of the Cricket’s Circle community, I knew I could create a solution for parents that answered the need for a highly personalized, thoughtful kids’ clothes-shopping experience rather than the disjointed, time-consuming process. Rockets of Awesome was born to simplify the process of shopping and deliver stylish, high-quality kids clothing for an incredible value.

Sounds like the concept was parent-driven?

We kept hearing from our readers about their frustrations with shopping and noticed there was no go-to brand that offered convenience and value in the apparel space. We wanted to build a resource that parents could turn to throughout their child’s early and mid years (vs. just new parenthood). It allows us to focus our entire energy and expertise on one category where a solution is needed most.

How does it work? 

The first step is for customers to sign up on RocketsofAwesome.com. From there, parents will complete the style file, indicating their kids’ preferences from design to color to fit and more. The Rockets of Awesome team then combines data from what you are buying with your kids’ preferences to provide a highly personalized e-commerce experience and a curated delivery of kids’ outfits each season. Four times a year, we’ll send you a box of 12 items. No fees. You only pay for what you keep, and you can reschedule at any time.

What will excite parents?

We get smarter every time you shop, learning more and more about what you and your kids love. In between your seasonal deliveries, we unlock a personalized shop to purchase more new styles and more colors and sizes of your favorite items. Your Rockets of Awesome shop is personalized just for your kids – if you don’t have girls, you’ll never see girls clothes on the site; if your son hates red, you’ll never see red featured in your shop. With this process, parents are able to save time, energy, and money while getting their kids clothing they’ll love to wear.

What are your criteria for picking products?

While a portion is based on technology, the art side truly comes into play via our design team. Their perspective on great outfit combinations and stylish clothing provides parents and kids the tools to be their own stylists.

The Rockets of Awesome boys and girls collections are designed in our NYC office with both style and comfort at the forefront. We offer a mix of classic and on-trend pieces that mix and match easily – cute, coordinated outfits are now a no-brainer.  New pieces – always comfortable, durable and stylish – are introduced regularly based on purchase patterns and preferences.

Rocket's of Awesome // blog.giggle.com

What excites you the most about the changeover to Rockets of Awesome?

We’re just so excited to share this new solution with parents and see kids wearing our clothes!

What do parents who have a registry through Cricket’s Circle need to know about the change?

We have sunset our e-commerce and registry functions at Cricket’s Circle! We will be notifying registrants of this change and supporting their transition to another registry of their choice. I used giggle as my baby registry, and I personally recommend it for its curated product selection and exceptional service. Like us, they believe in doing the work for you – vetting everything out there. Their selection is on-point and their reviews help make the right decision for you.

Learn more about Rockets of Awesome at RocketsofAwesome.com. Interested in a giggle registry? Get started here!