Meet Nanit: The Baby Monitor, Reinvented

No sleep? No problem with the innovative Nanit!

Meet the Nanit //

As joyous and heartwarming as becoming a parent can be, let’s be real. While we are generally fans of sleep, when it comes to the thought of shut-eye after having a baby, forget about it. Or so it seems. And there’s reason why you feel this way. You may feel anxious about your little’s crib time without you there, and for some babies, when it comes to sleep, they just aren’t having it.

At this point, you’ve probably been looking all over the Internet for something to help these times go by more smoothly (and with hopes for a bit more sleep). Enter the Nanit, available exclusively at giggle until November!

Nanit is an innovative and smart monitoring camera that actually tracks your baby’s sleep patterns. You can just refer it as your new personal sleep guru for both you and baby. This camera and baby monitor is packed with features; it really is the baby monitor, reinvented.

For parents’ peace of mind, Nanit gives you an overhead view of your baby and comes with night vision and zoom features, so you can watch your little one snooze without being in the nursery. Unlike most 2-way monitors that don’t allow you to have a view of your baby at all times, Nanit continuously streams HD video through Wi-Fi, independent of your Internet connection. So, you can safely and securely view your baby 24/7 through an app on your smart device!

Meet the Nanit baby monitor //

Becky Talley | giggle

Plus, did we mention that Nanit baby monitor takes sleep to a whole new level? It comes with a soft-glow night light (to make it easier to move around the nursery without turning on a light), white noise and nature sounds to help your little one get to sleep and stay asleep longer. This new generation baby monitor also does something that others don’t: you can access and track sleep analytics, video history and day and night time lapses to understand your baby’s sleep patterns (with the Nanit Insights subscription). This will help parents see when their baby is awake and adjust routines, as needed, to  ensure the whole family gets a good night’s rest. Now that’s a baby monitor on a whole new level.

Meet the Nanit baby monitor //

So, let the sleep commence, the happy, rested baby belly laughs roll and enjoy those moments you’ll treasure the most. Shop for the Nanit and accessories here.

By Mariah Rhodes for giggle